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 Webkinz Village Rules

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PostSubject: Webkinz Village Rules   Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:16 pm

The following rules must be followed at ALL times while using the forum. If you break a rule once, you will receive a warning. A second time, you may also receive a warning, or a ban, depending on the severity of the rule break. Third-time rule-breaking results in a ban.

1. No swearing or inappropriate language. This is a kid's site, so please be respectful.
2. Do not argue with a mod/admin/staff. We do what we do for the best intentions of everyone here. If you think something we did was unfair, take it up POLITELY with the staff, via PM.
3. No spamming. If you spam, all posts will be deleted.
4. No inappropriate avatars or signatures. As with Rule 1, this is a kid's site.
5. No advertising your own site, or another's site.
6. Do not fight with other members. We are all here to share the love of Webkinz, and get along. If a fight does occur, the staff will do their best to break it up, and punish those involved.
7. No sharing personal information. We want to try and keep everyone as safe as possible. This includes last names, hometowns, phone numbers, emails, etc.
8. No chain PMs or VMs. This counts as spam.
9. No trolling. Self-explanatory.
10. No making duplicate accounts, because you do not like your account, or because you were banned. If this happens, we will ban your IP address, so you will not be able to make ANY more accounts.

Please follow these rules, and help make our site a better place!
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Webkinz Village Rules

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